Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Footprint diary

Firstly my parents go shopping a lot and they do not have a green bag which is recyclable and can be used way more than plastic bags. I will tell them that they have to buy a green bag because they are way more Eco friendly.

Secondly when I brush my teeth I keep the tap running which I will stop doing because every drop of water saved helps.

My third thing is to stop buying things that use a lot of packaging.

Well I have been been turning the tap of when brushing my teeth but I can't really help my third point of buying things that have less packaging. My parents have not bought a green bag but I will keep reminding them and I will add to this post when they have bought one.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kris Wilson

This is the outcome

This is one of his designs

On Wednesday the 3rd of June a man named Kris Wilson who works for design house architecture came to room 18 to talk about architecture and how to make Eco friendly houses. The definition of architecture is: The art and science of buildings (creative and technical). He also said that 50 % of waste in New Zealand was from buildings. He told us special ways of getting the heat in in winter and keeping the heat out in summer on hot days. A new thing that builders do these days when finishing with old pieces of wood reusing it instead of throwing it out straight away. Another way of not wasting water in Eco houses is having a restriction so you do not waste water. Kris Wilson trys his best to use locally sourced resources such as wood so that they reduce transport which is being sustainable. Everyone learnt a new thing when Kris cam =)

Joe & Clement

On Tuesday the 2nd of June two guys from S.I.F.E (Students In Free Enterprise) came and talked to us about sustainability. They told us amazing facts about how much we wasted at our school because of no recycling bins. It was a shock! =0. They had a slide show that that had information like turning the tap of when brushing your teeth will save a lot and NEVER put citrus fruit in compost bins because the worms hate it and they will not eat it. I really think that we need recycling bins at our school now and worm bins. If our school had worm bins we could sell the worm juice to get money. All of the stuff that they talked about is leading to pollution. We have to stop it!