Thursday, July 2, 2009

My sustainabilty arguement

Dear Sir/Madam

It is definitely better to be sustainable. These are my reasons
why and what will happen if we are not sustainable.

Firstly, if we don't become sustainable soon enough people
and animals may die and that means that there will be no meat
and people will become weaker. One big thing that is killing
animals is rubbish that has been blown into the sea and has
trapped things like animals and then suffocated them. That
can easily be changed. Also by being sustainable we are saving
the future generation.

Now onto my second point. People are wasting things and
throwing them away which is making factories have to make
more and more. Have you ever thought about were all of your
waste that cannot be recycled goes. Well it goes to a landfill
which is absolutely horrible and is causing a lot of pollution.
A landfill is a large flat area that all of the resources that
we cannot recycle goes after we throw it out. There is a
lot of resources in landfills that cannot break down
for up to a year. That's disgusting. If everybody used as
much resources as America then we would need five planets
to put our resources.

Thirdly, global warming is becoming extremely bad!
Every day it is becoming more and more worse.
Scientists have said that in the last 60 years the earths
temperature has gone up .6 degrees Celsius now imagine
what it will be like in a couple of hundred years. All this
causes polar ice cap to melt. Which is killing polar bears
and giving them no other place to live. The polar ice
caps that melt will soon cause floods.

I hope that you agree with me and think that it is
definitely better to be sustainable.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Footprint diary

Firstly my parents go shopping a lot and they do not have a green bag which is recyclable and can be used way more than plastic bags. I will tell them that they have to buy a green bag because they are way more Eco friendly.

Secondly when I brush my teeth I keep the tap running which I will stop doing because every drop of water saved helps.

My third thing is to stop buying things that use a lot of packaging.

Well I have been been turning the tap of when brushing my teeth but I can't really help my third point of buying things that have less packaging. My parents have not bought a green bag but I will keep reminding them and I will add to this post when they have bought one.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kris Wilson

This is the outcome

This is one of his designs

On Wednesday the 3rd of June a man named Kris Wilson who works for design house architecture came to room 18 to talk about architecture and how to make Eco friendly houses. The definition of architecture is: The art and science of buildings (creative and technical). He also said that 50 % of waste in New Zealand was from buildings. He told us special ways of getting the heat in in winter and keeping the heat out in summer on hot days. A new thing that builders do these days when finishing with old pieces of wood reusing it instead of throwing it out straight away. Another way of not wasting water in Eco houses is having a restriction so you do not waste water. Kris Wilson trys his best to use locally sourced resources such as wood so that they reduce transport which is being sustainable. Everyone learnt a new thing when Kris cam =)

Joe & Clement

On Tuesday the 2nd of June two guys from S.I.F.E (Students In Free Enterprise) came and talked to us about sustainability. They told us amazing facts about how much we wasted at our school because of no recycling bins. It was a shock! =0. They had a slide show that that had information like turning the tap of when brushing your teeth will save a lot and NEVER put citrus fruit in compost bins because the worms hate it and they will not eat it. I really think that we need recycling bins at our school now and worm bins. If our school had worm bins we could sell the worm juice to get money. All of the stuff that they talked about is leading to pollution. We have to stop it!

Monday, May 25, 2009

how to plant a tree

  1. Dig the hole as deep as the rootball and twice as wide.
  2. Check to see if the soil around the hole is too hard - if it is, loosen it up a bit with the shovel.
  3. Remove the container from the rootball. (The roots are like the tree's blood vessels and they work best if they are not all twisted and knotted up, so you might need to straighten them out if they are circling around after having grown in the container.)
  4. Place the tree in the hole, making sure the soil is at the same level on the tree as when the tree grew in the garden center. If your tree has burlap around the rootball, place the tree in the hole and then carefully untie the burlap. Leave the burlap lying in the bottom of the hole (this is okay - the burlap will simply turn into organic matter over a period of time).
  5. Fill in around the rootball with soil and pack the soil with your hands and feet to make sure that there are no air pockets.
  6. Make a little dam around the base of the tree as wide as the hole with left over soil or grass clumps to hold in the water.
  7. Give your new tree a good soaking of water to help settle it into its new home.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Economics/supply and demand

In Economics there are two main things Supply and demand. As you can see in this graph.

studying Economics you will see supply in demand this is a relationship of when price and quantity are priced. Demand is when produces get what they want and consumers are getting what they want that's called the equilibrium point.

I learnt this from URL:

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Job

On the island I want to help plant the tree's and plant specific plants to help with the medicine. I would also like to help cut down the tree's that we do not need.